16 junho 2012

Time to Rise together as One!

For any men who are having a hard time with the influx of the Divine Feminine and Venus energy, or who are still holding on to the old Ego conditioning of control and dominance - you can rest assured that it is not about Women taking over, it is about Union, the Heart, and restoring her position, as she brings balance, justice, transformation, nurturing, wisdom and intuition to our Earthly experience.

This force is what awakens the Divine Masculine, who can feel safe to let that old paradigm programing go, because he knows that without her being in her true position of power, we will not be able to survive. He also knows that she exists within him, as he exists within her.

He is not threatened by her power - because they are a team. As she inspires him, he impregnates her ethereally with the vision of a peaceful world, that gets anchored by their Alchemical union, planting seeds in the depths of darkness to create new realities, purifying the Mother Womb into the Creative Cauldron of Regeneration, as the power of their intention and devotion, kicks out all those who inhabit her realms, those who steal energy and rob souls, to feed their dark agendas.

It restores the divine templates and inner divine blueprint, bringing all creatures, beings and elements into a conscious knowing breath of Oneness. IT re-awakens the true Cosmic Dance that doesn't need to struggle with power games, but instead truly honors the beauty of their movements together, as it acts as force-field of light and protection around all those who choose to know this within.

IT repairs the divorce, the separation, the corrupted gender roles that exploit the body and all that is Sacred, damaging self-worth, integrity, access to higher consciousness and the ability to initiate oneself organically into a place of self-acceptance, integrity, honor and co-creation with Gaia and Cosmic Forces...

So Men, do not feel threatened by the energies that are increasing and expanding ~ and Women - don't fear your power because you remember being persecuted or killed in the past. Lets truly love and respect one another. This is our time to Rise together as One!

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