04 novembro 2009

Nocturnal Adventures

Your spirit body naturally resonates to the spirit world.
Once freed from the physical shell each night as your physical bodyfalls asleep, it will normally move upwards from the physicalthird-density world towards the light of the fourth-densityspirit world.

The spirit or astral body is quasi-physical. This means that,while it is subtle and etheric compared to the physical body,it is still solid in its own environment. In the spirit realmsof 4D, matter is composed of etheric energy and is solid to thetouch.
The fact that spirit matter is less dense than physical mattergives you a lot more freedom of movement. You can meet a friendhalfway around the world in one or two seconds of travel timejust by projecting your spirit body to that new location. Youtune into that person and, wherever they are, mentally project,and you will appear at that location.
The challenge is to remember such adventures. Intent is the key. Tell yourself,
"Tonight, I intend to (have this adventure) and I willremember it upon awakening."

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